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           Impact, Empower and Enrich the community one person at a time.           Impact, Empower and Enrich the community one person at a time.           

School Mentoring Program

Through our interactions with the schools, we realized the great needs of our youth today. A percentage comes from single parent homes, foster homes, troubled families, poor parental role models, etc. We started our first school-based mentoring program in 2008. Our partnership supports the schools as we work alongside them to:

♥ Cultivate relationship with students
♥ Promote academic achievement
♥ Promote character development
♥ Impart life skills, and important core values

Our program was very well received by the children and the school authorities. We were awarded Mentor of the Year in 2009 through 2011 by the various RRISD campuses. Three of our mentors were also recognized as STAR mentors at the campuses where they mentor. We are excited to be a part of positively influencing the youth today and helping them succeed in life.

In response to the needs of the schools, "The Voice", Inc. is actively recruiting volunteers who have a heart to mentor the youth. Along the way, we hope to develop more resources to enhance our effectiveness in accomplishing what we seek to achieve.

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