2111 Hairy Man Road
Round Rock, Texas 78681
Telephone: (512) 238-8271
           Impact, Empower and Enrich the community one person at a time.           Impact, Empower and Enrich the community one person at a time.           

"The Voice", Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2008 to "Impact, Empower and Enrich" the community one person at a time.

We believe strongly in the value of the family connection, and seek to reconnect and solidify the family unit through various programs and activities that promote a stronger family structure. Among all the services we provide, the School Mentoring Program is the heartbeat of "The Voice", Inc.  We partner with public schools, providing them additional manpower and resources to mentor the children. It is our desire that through this program we are able to extend friendship and support to the children and at the same time impart good values and life skills that would help them make right choices in life.

Join us to make a difference in the community.          

"The Voice", Inc.         

2111 Hairy Man Road                                                                                         
Round Rock, Texas 78681
Telephone: (512) 238-8271

Scholarship Application Deadline April 15th, 2016


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"The Voice", Inc.
Weekly Tutorial Assistance Program (TAP)
Every Tuesday
In the OWBC Ministry Building
2111Hairy Man Road
Round Rock, TX 78681
6:00 pm. - 8:30 pm.

Students attending school and in need of tutorial
assistance should call Ayo Anise at 512-689-1347 to
arrange for academic assistance. 

Thank you! 

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